Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My mother is a special part
Of all that’s cherished in my heart,
She is my pearl, my soul, my mate;
She is the one to make life great.
She is an angel without the wings,
Who makes life special with the littlest things,

Whenever I’m in need of love,
She is there from the heavens above;
Whenever I’m in need of a shoulder,
There’s no one as devoted as my mother.

Her presence and love have always been there,
Everything in her nature is to only care.
With every soft hug and kiss
The world seems more beautiful and blessed.

I’m sorry for all the times I caused you pain,
But after these brief storms my love still remains.
I love you so much,
I will love you forever-
I wrote your name on my heart
And it will stay there forever, and ever…


You left me here all by myself,
You went and broke my heart.
By leaving like you did that day,
You tore us all apart.

I'm still young and impressionable,
I thought that you could see.
The part of me that's reaching out,
Longing to be free.

You're still my dad, forever more,
I know that that is true.
And even though you left my mum,
I won't stop loving you.

But my life goes on after you,
As your life will also go on.
But neither my hope nor my happiness,
Will undo what you have done.

Love or hate dad, you decide..

Monday, April 19, 2010

i really need to0 go far away

haha,.title ta bole bla.,ye la.,da penat shooting mmg la nk holiday kn,.
org ckp lepaskn tension,.yela holiday holiday gak.,klas nk start camne,.ape aku peduli klas start ke tak kn,.tiket flight da booking,.n thanx to0 AB yg tolong booking kan.,gile susa nk booking online niyh,.bape kali mencuba,.asyik tabole jew,.last2 AB buat bole plak,.holiday kemane??haa ke rumahnya febri di JAKARTA,.waa asyikk,.gw udah lama mau ke sana dongg,.mau shooping,.
tgu jela aku next update blog aku niyh,.selepas aku pulang dari JAKARTA yaa,.27hb aku fly ke sane,.1hb may akan ku pulang kembali ke tanah air,.sepastinya selepasku pulang nnt,akan dibebankn dengan assgmnt yg mungkin byk gileww,.haha

viva scp

lme plak rse aku tak godek2 blog aku niyh.,ye la.,sgt bz ngn kje n kolej.,
shooting,editing sume da settle.,n time fer show.,nk tunjuk sp pny dokumentari terhebat asia konon la kn.,tp ape bole buat.,the winner is sunfrut picture,.menggondol 7 kategori,.REC PRODUCTION win 3 kategori,.

  • Best Director
  • Best Editor
  • Best Audio

papepown kami tetap bersyukur menang 3 kategori.,yang penting doku niyh hasil usaha sendiri,tanpa bantuan sesiapa.,hasil kerja dengan titik peluh sndri memberi kepuasan,.

btw thnx fer yana yg sudi dtg viva kitwng
bertempat di dewan mini P.Ramlee FINAS